How to fit a roller blind

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You can usually buy roller blinds in different sizes. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find one that fits your window perfectly. But if not, it’s easy to cut a blind to the right size. Choose a blind that’s slightly longer and wider than the window frame. You can cut the top roller of the blind to the right size with a hacksaw.

What kinds of roller blinds are available?
Roller blinds are available in different materials such as vinyl, cotton and ISO (with an insulating aluminium backing).

  1. Choosing the right place

    Depending on the available space and your own preference, you can fit the roller blind in front of the window in different ways:
    1. You can hang the blind on the window frame.
    2. You can hang the blind on the wall, above the window frame.
    3. You can hang the blind on the ceiling.

  2. Check for obstacles

    Check that there are no protruding parts that could obstruct the roller blind when you raise or lower it – for example a window handle that sticks out too far. In that case you can consider hanging the blind so that it rolls and unrolls from the front of the roller, instead of from the back.

  3. Measure the width

    If you want to hang the blind inside the window frame, measure the width of the blind including the mounting brackets. Allow 5 mm extra space at each side of the frame so you can fit the brackets easily.

  4. Decide on which side you want to fit the chain

    Decide whether you want to fit the chain of the roller blind on the left or right side. After marking out the position, fix the brackets inside or onto the window frame. The bracket with a protruding pin, hex-head fitting or groove is usually the side with the chain mechanism. Check first if this is the case, as it can differ from one brand to another.

  5. Fitting the brackets to the window frame or wall

    Decide on the position of the first bracket and mark the drilling holes. If you’re fitting the bracket to the window frame, first pre-drill the holes with a thin wood drill bit (2.5 mm). Or if you’re fitting the blind to the wall, use a 6 mm masonry drill bit together with wall plugs of the same size. Then fit the first bracket and lightly tighten the screws. Using a long strip of wood, adjust the roller with a spirit level so it is horizontal. Then mark the drilling holes for the second bracket.

  6. Fitting the brackets to the ceiling

    Measure out the center of the window frame, and use a try square to mark this point on the ceiling. From that center point, measure out the positions of the brackets to the left and right (each half of the total length).

  7. Cutting the blind to the right width

    When you shorten the roller, you need to subtract the thickness of both brackets from the total measured width. On average that means subtracting an extra 2 x 4 mm from the measured width. Mark off the resulting width on the roller and saw off the rest. Fit the end cap with pin onto the roller. Now saw the lower rod of the blind to the same width.

  8. Cutting the fabric to size

    To measure and cut the fabric of the blind to size, first place it on a flat surface. Use the lower rod of the blind, after you have sawn it to the right width, to mark off the same width on the fabric. Then cut the fabric to size. The best way to do this is with a sharp hobby knife, although you can also use scissors.

  9. Fixing the fabric to the roller

    Remove the protective foil from the self-adhesive strip on the roller. The fabric has to roll up and down at the window side. Check carefully on which side the chain mechanism is located. The fabric must be fixed to the roller so it is perfectly horizontal, as otherwise it will not roll up straight! Fold the last 5 cm of the fabric over, making a sharp fold. Then place the roller into the fold with the self-adhesive strip facing upwards. Using both hands, roll the roller up to the top edge of the fabric, keeping it perfectly straight. Then roll up ¾ of the blind, and insert the lower rod into the opening provided. The blind is now ready to be hung up.

  10. Hanging the blind

    First insert the roller into the bracket with the chain mechanism, and then into the other bracket.


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How to fit a roller blind

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