How to replace a shower tap

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If your old shower tap needs to be replaced, it’s a simple job to do it yourself.

  1. Shut-off the water

    First of all, shut off the main water supply valve. This is usually located just before the water meter. Then open the taps and wait until no more water comes out of them.

  2. Remove the tap

    To remove the shower tap, first loosen both rosettes. Underneath these are the S-shaped pipe fittings. Loosen the securing nuts or rings and then you’ll be able to remove the old tap.

  3. Fitting a two-pipe mixer tap

    Shower taps are usually fixed to the wall at the two water pipes. The hot and cold pipes are usually 16 cm apart. You can correct this distance if necessary using the S-shaped pipe fittings.

  4. S-shaped pipe fittings

    Screw the S-shaped pipe fittings into the threaded ends of the water supply pipes and push the decorative rosettes over them. Then you can fit the shower tap to the S-shaped pipe fittings using the connecting nuts and sealing washers. Don’t forget to wind some Teflon tape around the screw threads (in the same direction as the nut when you tighten it).

  5. Tighten the tap without scratching it

    Using a wrench, firmly tighten the fixing nuts of the tap. Place a piece of cloth over the chrome of the nuts to avoid damaging them. Never undo a Teflon joint as this can cause it to leak. Open the main water supply valve and check for leaks.

  6. Bath taps

    Bath taps usually have a second connection to which a hand shower can be connected. These taps have a control knob to select the water flow direction – through the shower or into the bath. The position of the shower head can be adjusted on a riser rail.

  7. Thermostatic tap

    These mixer taps can be preset to maintain a constant temperature, so they’re ideal for both shower and bath. They usually have a safety stop to prevent a water temperature of over 38°C from being selected. There are also models with an economy setting that reduces the water flow rate by 50%.


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How to replace a shower tap

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